Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

Hairstyles for naturals

These are hairstyles i did ever since i've been natural.  I hope this is going to help you all out there that are newly natural and don't have lots of hairstyles' ideas. That was expecially one of the problems i had at the beginning of my journey, because i was used to having different hairstyles when i wasn't natural. And i also knew that too much manipulation of my natural hair wouldn't make me retain length. So it was really a challenge for me, which with more experience we all will surely overcome.
Wash  n Gos

- wash n go without any product only olive oil

- wash n go geled up in a puff with olive oil, little conditioner and gel.

- Side- parted, geled up wash n go

Updos/  Puffs

Protective hasirstyles


Twists/ Braidsout

- flatironed  hair