Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Faux fur trend

Hey ladies!
This season in the winter period  fake fur  are so pretty. You can get them in different colours and pattern to suite your style. There are also inexpensive, luxe looking and aren't real... It looks elegant, chic and keep very warm at the same time. You can wear a faux fur scarf, hat , ear warmers, trimmed jacket or go bold with a full winter coat. Find out what variety you like and rock it !

I really like the scarfes they bring my outfit to another level....

So tell me ladies, whats your favourite faux fur trend???

Montag, 5. Dezember 2011

A blow- out look without a hair dryer

Hay Ladies ,
I found out something very interesting and really good for my hair. I always like the blow out look because of how my hair streches but at the same time i know blowing out my hair causes me lots of time and risk (heat damage). So i decided to try something out!


1. Make sure your hair is in a at least one day old (or more) twist or braid out.

2.  Section hair in 6 parts depending on how long your hair is , for longer hair than mine i woul suggest four : two at the front, two in the middle and two at the back.

3. Spray a section with a olive oil and a water mix but just a little so your hair feels moisturized.

4. Apply a good amout of olive oil and a little moisturizing cream and comb hair gently from bottom to top with a denim brush.

5. Flat braid the section and comb the ends again if necessary gently  with a small comb ( to keep the ends smooth)

6. Do the same for each section and let hair dry fully overnight and take the braids out in the morning,  style as desired.


Montag, 21. November 2011

Best deep conditioner mix ever ! Try this !

The secret to my extremly soft hair after deep conditioning is adding olive oil and honey to my deep conditioner. It gives my hair that extra slip and softness und makes my detangling process much easier. Using this often gives your hair shine. After lots of different products i tried this is the only thing that works perfectly for me.

My deep conditioning routine:

While my hair is in braids ( 7 or 4 it depends on my laziness) i rub my deep conditioner mix all over my hair and detangle each braid with a wide tooth comb. Then i let it be for 30 mins, but u can also leave it in longer. After that i rinse it out and my hair is very easy to work with  and sooo soft.

Try this and let me know how it worked for u.....

Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

Hairstyles for naturals

These are hairstyles i did ever since i've been natural.  I hope this is going to help you all out there that are newly natural and don't have lots of hairstyles' ideas. That was expecially one of the problems i had at the beginning of my journey, because i was used to having different hairstyles when i wasn't natural. And i also knew that too much manipulation of my natural hair wouldn't make me retain length. So it was really a challenge for me, which with more experience we all will surely overcome.
Wash  n Gos

- wash n go without any product only olive oil

- wash n go geled up in a puff with olive oil, little conditioner and gel.

- Side- parted, geled up wash n go

Updos/  Puffs

Protective hasirstyles


Twists/ Braidsout

- flatironed  hair